About Steve

Steve Mohlenkamp is a self taught commercial photographer based in Denver, however his true passion lies in transferring his own spirit of the West, into images.

"I remember going on a family vacation to the West when I was six, and spending all of my allowance on landscape and city postcards. I never sent any of them to anyone, but rather kept them for myself to look at over and over. I still remember the glowing, blazing light on the canyons and mountains in those images, and how captivating it was to me. Looking back, I know now just how much of an influence that trip and those postcards really were. It beckoned me west."

Previous to operating Steve Mohlenkamp Photography in Denver for the last twenty five years, Steve was a magazine Photography Director, and a corporate Advertising Manager, with a start as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator. And, before that, he has report cards from school with remarks about his constantly hiding behind his books, while drawing, so it all really represents a lifetime dedicated to one thing.

His images have appeared in such publications as Cowboys & Indians, Arizona Highways, Car & Driver, Sunset, Plateau Journal, and Road & Track, to name a few. His commercial photography fills the needs of even the most demanding requests of his clients, and his prints hang in many corporate and private collections.